Today Veronica, her nearly-ex-roommate, and I went to CAOS, the Cambridgeport Artist’s Open Studio. (Cambridgeport seems to be the snooty name for the neighborhood between between Central Square and the river.) The art wasn’t particularly interesting except for some glass. Glass blowing is technically a craft, rather than an art form - like writing fanfic or cross-stitching. I was inspired to cross-stitch so I stocked up on Monaco evenweaves and DMC #4 tapestry cotton at Pearl.

Well, not actually cross-stitch - I prefer Hardanger and Arraiolos. I spotted the book in English about Arraiolos rugs, Portuguese Needlework Rugs, at Rodney’s Bookstore for $25. It’s out of print, so snag it while you can. I love the Arraiolos stitch, which is actually several variants of long-armed cross-stitch, because it’s all done freehand on the top of the fabric. I’ve been experimenting with other threads on other foundations than the traditional Persian wool on ten-count jute. At the moment I’m doing three or four strands of embroidery floss (over two) on 25-count evenweave.

By the way, I was geeking so much yesterday that I forgot to blog, but I did get the preference picker working with MJB’s fic. Jade is next.

3 Responses to “CAOS”

  1. Sue Says:

    I love your site. Thank you for posting it. I’ve been attempting to start stitching Arraiolos rugs ever since I saw Pat Stone on a cable television show several years ago. I was corresponding w/her via e-mail and was promised one of her few copies of the book she has at home. Unfortunately, her husband passed away and she became very distracted and I never received the book. You were very lucky to find a copy at a book store. Thanks again for your web site regarding this craft.

  2. Laryssa Says:

    I lived in Portuagal for two years. I learned how to stich the arraiolos rugs. I have started the art up again but have discovered I have run out of wool. Do you know of any places I can get some?

  3. Jemima Says:

    You can get a couple of brands of Persian wool and 10-count evenweave jute at big needlework shops, but to get it the wool in rugging quantities you’d have to order it on-line. I’ve used Paternayan Persian wool, but if you’re used to Portuguese rug wool then Persian wool will be too thin and stretchy for you. You’d be better off contacting someone in Portugal and having them mail you wool. Maybe Casa dos Tapetes de Arraiolos would do it (