Fic Migration

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In a spate of not-nanoing, I converted most of my fic to ficml and moved it here to Along with the ficml conversion comes the preference picker, and I also tossed in a feedback form like Jade’s. You can see the new look on, say, The Other Side of the Gate, recently recced by Seldear (thanks!), or on filky classics like Raj of Rage and Yesterday, When I Was Borg.

Not all of the reams of Voyager fic has been converted yet so the VOY fic index still redirects to freeshell, but all other fic (Buffy, TOS, miscellaneous Trek) is now housed locally, including a new Stargate drabble that’s been languishing in xml until now: Canary Song.

The point of this sudden attention to my long-neglected off-site non-Stargate fic was to enter some of it in the Voyager J/C Decathlon. (It wasn’t my idea - I was pestered.) Anyway, my entries, in order of size and category, are:

I’ve also finally added a visited link color to the blog. It looks better already.

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