In my day tirade of the day: a Slashdot thread on silver paste

The results are up for the JCFicHaven Decathlon, a new fanfic contest that’s not entirely unlike AAA. I rooted through all the award pages to find out what B’Elanna the Canon Correcting Muse (Retired) had won, and put her awards up on her award shelf. Jade’s awards are also up on her index page and relevant stories.

I can’t speak to the results, since I didn’t actually vote in the contest. B’Elanna the Muse won the silver medal overall, but every story of hers that placed was written at least three years ago, except for one drabble that’s only two years old. Apparently Lurking in particular was new to a lot of readers. I always liked that one myself.

I knew I hadn’t written much lately, but it was surprising nonetheless to look back on how much I wrote circa January 2001, and how little since Voyager jumped the big Borg shark in the sky. It makes me wonder how long this Stargate thing will last before I jump my own personal shark.

Well, back to the Ice Planet fic…

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