Mac link of the day: Ready to leave your Baby Bell? Try Voice over IP.

I prefer to read text in a narrow column - it’s much easier to read that way. I hate websites that fix the page width, preventing the text from wrapping in a smaller browser window. I’ve gotten annoyed lately because I’m always resizing the Safari window: if someone’s text runneth over, it’s easy enough to go for the green button and expand Safari, but going back to my preferred window size is often a more manual operation (although a second click of the green button works in many circumstances).

I’ve never had much success with bookmarklets (bookmarks that do cool JavaScript things), but today’s macosxhint worked so well for me that I decided to make my own, that would push Safari right and make it skinny: w||i.outerHeight>h){s.moveTo(0,0);s.resizeTo(w,h)};if(m){s.moveTo(m==1?0:screen.availWidth-w,0);};s.resizeTo(w,h);};rsz(self,window,600,screen.availHeight,2);”>600xFull, w||i.outerHeight>h){s.moveTo(0,0);s.resizeTo(w,h)};if(m){s.moveTo(m==1?0:screen.availWidth-w,0);};s.resizeTo(w,h);};rsz(self,window,700,screen.availHeight,2);”>700xFull.

Give them a click - they may work in less cool browsers. Safari doesn’t go under my Dock, which is also on the right, when I click - very, very nice. You can also drag a bookmarklet link to the start of your bookmark bar and use command-1 to run it (or click on it, of course, but I keep my bookmark bar hidden most of the time).

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