I’m just wrapping up my filk musical for last-minute posting to ASC. The Sound of Borgness has been in progress for just a year and a half, making it rather new for my Trek fic. Strangely enough, the hardest song to filk was “Something Good,” though I like it and the meter is pretty straightforward. This is the first hard evidence I have that “Something Good” isn’t all that good - I’ve never understood the anti-”Something Good” sentiment among people who like the rest of the cheese in The Sound of Music.

The link to my commentary on “The Lamne’rau” works now. I’ll put The Sound of Borgness up later this weekend - posting it to ASC is my current priority.

On the Stargate side, I wrote a drabble for tonight’s episode, “Chimera” - All Clear. I haven’t seen the ep, so spoilers are minimal. This is the first time I’ve written a Stargate story about episodes I haven’t seen, though I used to do it all the time in Voyager. Even now I’m not sure which Voyager episodes I’ve seen and which ones I only read about in Jim’s Voyager Reviews.

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