Final Trek Awards

Over the past year of heavy SG drabble activity, I did manage to write a handful of Trek filks and drabbles which were eligible in the 2003 ASC Awards. The results came out tonight.

I really ought to be embarrassed that I placed in ENT but not in VOY. Somehow retirement is making it all fuzzy now. Anyway, here’s my very short list of placements:

ENT General Drabbles
#2  The Full Shell by Jemima

TOS Filks/Poem
#1  I Will Revive by Jemima

MIS Crossover
#3  The Other Side of the Gate by Jemima Pereira

MIS Filk/Poem/Drabble
#1  I Fought the Borg by Jemima
#3  The Sound of Borgness by Jemima

Both the MIS filks are actually VOY filks, but because I was the entire VOY filk category I had to be combined with MIS so that someone else could get an award. The embarrassing ENT drabble is part of the Empty Shell series listed in full on the MIS page. “I Will Revive” is one of three Khan filks I wrote during my Khan phase, and “The Other Side of the Gate” is a humorous Stargate crossover.

2 Responses to “Final Trek Awards”

  1. Rocky Says:

    Congratulations on your awards, J!

    I really hope you’ll reconsider this ‘retirement’ business…

  2. Jemima Says:

    Thanks. Congratulations on cleaning up in the awards yourself. I’m tempted to write more snarky ENT, but I’ll get over it. Stargate is much more fun.