Hot Summer Nights

Link of the day: Pixelpalooza winners

It’s a toasty 66° here in Boston, down from the 80’s earlier in the day. I helped Veronica install Panther on her iMac tonight - which is to say, I helped her sit around and watch Panther install itself without any problems. The hardest part of the job was turning off BrickHouse in favor of the built-in 10.3 firewall. Convincing her to use cool 10.3 software like QuickSilver, PithHelmet, and NetNewsWire wasn’t easy, either, and I forgot all about the latest version of Konfabulator (1.6).

Veronica seems to have no interest in a life of DivX crime, which is just as well since her old iMac probably isn’t speedy enough for optimal movie viewing. Her cable modem was also dropping down almost to dialup speed - not good when you have lots of updates to download.

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