She’s Gonna Blow!

CTV reports a real eruption is likely at Mt. St. Helens:

“There’s a very good chance there’s going to be an eruption … (and) there’s a good chance it’s going to involve magma at the surface,” Tom Pierson, a U.S. Geological Survey official, told reporters on Saturday.

See her blow her stack almost live at Here’s the alert, and SpaceWeather reminds us to be on the lookout for a volcano-induced blue moon.

2 Responses to “She’s Gonna Blow!”

  1. Jade Says:

    She has blown twice. Once on Friday and once today Oct 4. The mountain isn’t finished yet either. At least that’s my gut feeling. I know it isn’t science, but I think my guess as good as their’s. And for those who don’t know, I live close enough to see its top when the sky is clear.

  2. Jemima Says:

    I’m holding out for real lava. Keep me posted!