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The management apologizes for the lack of blog. I haven’t been up to anything exciting–just fending off the latest rage of trackback spam. It’s all 0n1ine p0ker stuff so far, but because of the way trackback works, the Amazing Anti-Spam Checkbox isn’t stopping it. Instead it goes straight into moderation and I get umpteen notices about it.


Update: Phil Ringnalda is ready to give up on TrackBack altogether.

2 Responses to “Trackspammers”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m getting that, too. Most of it gets caught in the Blacklist plugin I set up, but two or three have actually bypassed moderation. Enough to make you want to disable trackback, en’t it?

  2. Jemima Says:

    Considering how rarely I get trackbacked, maybe. What I’d really like to do is disable trackback notification and toss all trackbacks straight into moderation. Unfortunately, WP treats trackbacks the same as comments, so that’s not really possible. Maybe I’ll hack it again once I get really annoyed by the spam.