…So a Ficcer Returneth to her Folly

Yes, after over two years of not ficcing, I have returned, in a small, 100-word way, to writing fanfic. In fact, I’ve been working on an old Stargate novel on the side, and for research I’ve been rewatching Stargate season 7. About nine episodes in I realized that I have an unfinished Stargate drabble project that could be benefiting from my so-called research.

Don’t expect too much from my first official piece of fanfic in twenty-eight months: Double Standard, a coda to “Birthright.”

[Update:] They’re like popcorn! Backups, a coda to “Revisions.”

One Response to “…So a Ficcer Returneth to her Folly”

  1. Jerie Says:

    Great to see some new drabbles, J. Also great to see you’re working on that novel again. Cheers!