The Fellowship of the Ring

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This time I have an excuse - I’ve been too ill to blog. I have been racking up the books, however, and my sister gave me a nice stack of LMB for my birthday. I’m far enough behind, however, that I’ll have to drag out the puppy tomorrow and dictate. For now, though, let me make a note on seeing The Lord of the Rings. Today I finished rereading The Fellowship of the Ring to clean my brain out after the movie. The scenery was wonderful, and the choices of what to cut from the book were not bad choices. However, the choices to rewrite the dialogue, plot and characters were all bad choices - too many to name, but all of them poor indeed. Let me clue the producer in: You’re not J.R.R. Tolkien. You’re not even Christopher Tolkien.

If I had to pick the biggest nit, it wouldn’t be the fifty Ring-shots. It wouldn’t be Arwen oozing elfish essence into Frodo. It wouldn’t even be Aragorn the Slacker. It would be, strangely enough, Frodo moaning glassy-eyed in pain from the moment he’s stabbed by the Ringwraiths until he wakes up in Rivendell. In the book, Frodo took it like a hobbit, and formed complete sentences all the way to the Ford.

Still, the scenery was nice.

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