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ISFDB, The Encyclopedia of Arda

Tuesday, September 25th, 2001

Found it!

Unfortunately, it seems to be more of a bibliography than a database. I was hoping for something along the lines of The Encyclopedia of Arda ( The wiki is here if anyone wants to help me dream big.

In case you’re curious, I’m using IBM ViaVoice [on MacOS 8.6] to dictate my brog. I had to teach it to recognize brog and blog, but now it even knows nonsense words. It’s a terrible processor hog, and I don’t think it knows me too well yet, but it’s still cool. Whenever I use it I think of the dog and the gramophone and that old RCA ad. The point, however, was to help me write, not to help me blog - I mean brog - so I suppose I should get back to writing.

The Brog

Tuesday, September 25th, 2001

(very first brog entry, earlier that day)

Ok here goes nothing! I’m going to call this the brog. That’s because it’s a little Asian tiger blog. The exciting thing about my brog is that I’m dictating it. Today is September 25th, 2001, a day that will live in infamy. I suppose I shouldn’t say that; we’ve had too many of those lately.

I could use the real blog, but I can’t FTP to freeeshell. You get what you pay for. So instead, I’ll be making my brog in the wiki. It feels more blog-like when you talk to your computer instead of typing. I was hoping that I would be inspired - or rather not slowed down by typing - if I used speech recognition software. So far I’m not very inspired but maybe that’s just because I’m not sure what to put in my brog.

So really my unfortunate readers I’m practicing on you. Let me tell you a little bit about the wiki: the wiki is supposed to be used to make community-produced web pages. But here in the [original wiki blog] everything so far has been produced by me. Wiki is a wonderful idea that just isn’t catching on. I’ve set up a few wikis; the only problem I ‘ve had is getting people to wiki the wiki. So I have no illusions that people will come and fill this wiki with all the information about science-fiction that I’ve dreamed it could hold. My dream for a science fiction wiki or web site was one that would list - not list, describe - all the universes and worlds and technologies and maybe aliens - but I’m not so fond of aliens - that appear in science-fiction novels and stories and movies–in short, an atlas of futures.

I think someone else is doing that. Let me check through my bookmarks and get back to you on that. Meanwhile back to your regularly scheduled brog.

So how to advertise the brog… If I sign up at blogger, make a dummy page, and redirect it into the wiki would they notice? Can I be arrested for blog embezzlement? And the bigger question: Do I go over there and read the terms of service, or do I just take my chances?