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You may already be a winner…

Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Word count: 3323

NaNoWriMo 2003 Winner

I can’t believe I wrote the whole thing! Many thanks to Jerie for listening to my whining yesterday, and to Seema for writing companionship during the two or three days it took her to write her novel.


Saturday, November 29th, 2003

Word count: 2650
NaNo link of the day: The Internal Cliffhanger

Thanks to RJ, I now have a ghostly, RSS presence on LJ. You can add my blog to your friends list using the instructions on my syndicated account page. I guess it means just adding jemima_blog as a friend. RJ is using RSSify to turn her Blogger blog into a syndicated account as well, but if you just want the plain RSS, here’s RJ’s feed.

RSSify is a good solution to the lack of Blogger RSS feeds; I stumbled across it back when I found myRSS. Unfortunately, you need access to the blog template to use RSSify, so I couldn’t use it to get feeds. But if you’re a Blogger blogger and you want to provide a feed, it looks pretty simple. It only took RJ a couple of minutes to set up, and the result is a full entry feed with just some minor link problems that most users won’t notice.

I must, I must, I must catch up in NaNo.

NaNo Time

Friday, November 28th, 2003

Word count: 700

I have about 7,000 words to go, and NaNo ends with November at midnight Sunday, local time. I think I can make it. The novel won’t be a real novel by then, but it may be the bare skeleton of one. Word count is all that counts for NaNoWriMo. I’m looking forward to writing some post-November drabbles after it’s done.

Veronica thinks the President is an idiot for going to Iraq for Thanksgiving, but I think it was a cool thing to do. Nevertheless, I’m trying to resist making a joke about turkey pardons…there, I didn’t do it.

Turkey Time

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

Word count: 1940

Several relatives got to meet the mac for Thanksgiving. Mandy, 8, was the most impressed; her fingerprints are all over the screen. As I was demonstrating QuickTime, I discovered that none of my cousin’s children had ever seen Star Trek. Considering that I was already addicted to TOS by that age, I was shocked by their abysmal ignorance.

I could tell that most of them were not sci-fi people, but Mandy was fascinated by Khan. She fast-forwarded through everything else, but she wanted to see the sleeping man wake up.

Mandy has definite fandom potential.

Travel Time

Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Word count: 1380
NaNo link of the day: HTTP Error 447

The Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving is not the time to be trying to get from Boston to Fall River. It took me and Veronica an hour just to get to South Station. (The Green Line is not just light-rail - it’s a way of life.) Then we spent the next hour on the highway between South Station and Quincy. Veronica got to meet the mac in explicit, geeky detail. I also made her listen to Weird Al’s “The Saga Begins” (my all-time favorite filk), “Amish Paradise,” and, appropriately, “Another One Rides the Bus.” The Bonanza bus was half an hour late getting into Fall River, and worst of all, I missed a monster chat.

The Johnson Administration Redux

Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

Word count: 2000 and counting

I’m a few days late on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of JFK; now we’ve moved on to the virtual Johnson administration:

President Bush urged Senate passage of the Medicare prescription drug bill Saturday. It would saddle him with a huge entitlement program on top of an unpopular war. We knew September 11th changed everything, and we just found out that it changed President Bush into Lyndon Johnson. –Argus Hamilton


Monday, November 24th, 2003

Word count: 2075
NaNo link of the day: Simenon

After my heavy activity yesterday of post-resignation political maneuvering, I needed to rearrange some scenes for better use of the ex-wife/adultery subplot. That meant rewriting so that things that happen in year two of the novel don’t get mentioned in the past tense in year one, and the like. My word count so far consists of paragraphs added in here and there while rereading, but I’m not done yet. I’m also still behind and running out of days.

So I procrastinated and watched “Show and Tell.” Now I’m working on a drabble. I’m too far behind on my Stargate drabbles; I can’t afford to let a good idea slip away.

As usual…

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003

Word count: 3500
NaNo link of the day: The Procrastination Paradox

P and P
I believe you belong in Pride and Prejudice; a
world of satire and true love. A world where everything is crystal clear to the reader, and yet where new things seem to be happening all the time. You belong in a world where your free-thought puts you above the silly masses, and where bright eyes and intelligence are enough to attract the arrogant millionaire/prejudiced young woman of your choice.

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
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Forgot again

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003

Word count: 725

I forgot to blog again! My NaNo characters were busy doing things I never expected, like flouncing out of the Senate, and then I was dragged bodily into a chat, and I completely forgot to blog. I blame Seema…

3000 Years

Friday, November 21st, 2003

Word count: 275

Some people are getting on Mitt’s (that’s our governor, for those of you playing the home game) case for saying in various contexts that gay marriage goes against “3,000 years of recorded history.” Or as the World Socialist Web Site put it,

“I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history,” Romney ignorantly declared.

The context does not make it clear what Governor Romney is ignorant of; some have cast doubt on the idea that recorded history began 3,000 years ago. The Greek alphabet was invented around the 9th century BC. The Phoenician alphabet is slightly older, but not much remains of their history. Cuneiform and hieroglyphs are much older, dating to around 3,500 BCE, but most of that is not history as we think of it; it’s an illustrated archaeological record - we’re not really sure what went on. The historical mindset in the West goes back only as far as the Greeks and the Exodus, which is to say, about 3,000 years. Chinese recorded history goes back about 3,500 years. In other words, Mitt’s statement was close enough for government work.

I just thought I’d count that all up for you.