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High Fic vs. Low Fic

Sunday, April 7th, 2002

High Fic vs. Low Fic

Another thing I’ve noticed about the VOY section of the ASC Awards this year is the prevalence of humor far beyond the humor category. Anywhere Liz goes, humor follows, and the Die Seven Die category only compounded the giggling.

Humor is fine in its place, but it’s hardly High Fic. Here’s my personal ranking of fanfic genres, plus annotations of what most sane people would change about it. The order is high fic to low fic.

  1. Adventure
  2. Filk (most people would call it low fic)
  3. Romance
  4. Character stories
  5. Humor
  6. Vignettes
  7. Drabbles
  8. Angst (most people would call this high fic)
  9. Haiku
  10. Slash
  11. Smut
  12. Real people fic

I’m not sure which order slash and smut should be in - I put slash first because the writers seem to think they’re saying something more than smut alone would say, if it said anything at all.

One Hit Wonders

Saturday, April 6th, 2002

One Hit Wonders

I’ve been voting for the same people over and over again in the ASC awards and at AAA. It’s not just that they’re my friends, it’s also that they seem to write everything, or at least almost everything good. There seem to be very few one-hit wonders in fandom. Maybe the author of Lt. Keegan (in ASC in the Voyager Lower Decks category) is one - I don’t think I ever managed to get through with my feedback, a sure sign of disappearance, but I don’t know whether there were hits before that particular one.

I’d post another song from Buffy Anne Supergirl, but I have more voting to do first. If you want something good to read, hop over to Zendom for Christine’s article.

She’s baaaack…

Monday, April 1st, 2002

Yes, it’s been a while. I blame blogger. I’m thinking about moving to Moveable Type - every time I want to blog, blogger is down.

The ASC Awards are in progress - you can vote at the Trekiverse site. On the fictional side, my filk of JCS is almost done. Here’s another excerpt to make up for my blogging neglect:

Hellmouth On Her Mind

(as sung by the DOCTOR at the mental institution)

Her mind is clearer now.
At last we can hope she will see that her dreams cannot be.
If we strip away the stakes from the girl,
She will see that her dreams cannot be.
Six years now you have lived
In fantasies unreal.
You really do believe
That Sunnydale is real.
Despite the good you do -
The world you save each day -
You’ve begun to have doubts about the role you play.

Listen Buffy I don’t see what you see;
I’m just asking that you listen to me.
Please believe me, I’ve been on your case here all along.
You have set your dreams on fire.
You used to play a blonde Messiah.
I can free you if you’ll just be strong.

I remember when this whole case began.
No talk of gods then, just you and a man.
And believe me, my dedication to you hasn’t slacked.
But every dream you dream today
Will fall apart in some new way.
Someday soon there will be no way back.

Sunnydale, your vampire slayer really needs to come back home
Go to college, have a life
Be someone’s wife.
Make-up, clothes, and her own car would have suited Buffy more.
No-one here would cause her harm, nothing alarm.

Listen Buffy, and remember your life,
Back before you invented this strife.
You were happy then; you have forgotten the young girl you were.
I am frightened by your eyes,
For to keep dreaming is unwise.
And we’ll lose you if you sink too far.

Listen Buffy, to the warning I give.
Please remember that I want you to live.
But it’s sad to see your chances weakening with every hour.
For your old dream is now a bind,
Too much Hellmouth on your mind.
It was fantasy and now it’s sour.
Yes it’s all gone sour……