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Five Days to Bitter Maggots

Tuesday, October 30th, 2001

Bitter maggot warning - peruse at your own risk

Five days.

I’ve been on the [name censored] list for five days and I’ve already been trolled. I was supposed to be lurking - I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved, but I just can’t help it. Put me in a room with a bitter old voy queen and blood is gonna flow.

Sorry, but I saw the first season of Voyager. It was not Shakespeare. I saw the seventh season. It was not an ensemble show. It was Star Trek, people - the worthy heir to “Spock’s Brain”, with Tuvok as Uhura, Neelix as Yeoman Rand, Chakotay as Sulu, and Harry as Chekov.

FYI, when I say something, you can just assume it’s my opinion. (You’re not going to get anyone else’s opinion out of me, not even if it’s your Virtual Season and you think Janeway is a psychopath and Owen Paris is a cuddly old teddy-bear.) You don’t have to say it’s my opinion, as though that were a defense of your own untenable arguments. People will know it was my opinion when they see you limping away, leaving that trail of blood.

The ironic part is that it was the same troll (or one of them) who stirred up the bitter maggots a week back, which led to Liz’s original bitter maggot blog, then to the whole bitter maggot saga, and, like a bad VOY time travel paradox (and they were all bad), back in a circle to this current bitter blog entry.

Bitter maggot mode off - italics mode off

The point of this blog was not to make myself (more) enemies. I get along with other New Englanders, really I do. And Australians, apparently.